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The Ringling Chronicles: Book 1


What do John Ringling (of the Ringling Brother's Circus fame), Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello (the sculptor not the Ninja Turtle), Massacio, Giorgio Vasari, Leonardo da Vinci, The Medici Family, and a 12 year old girl from Sarasota, Florida all have in common? They are all characters in Tim Whitney's captivating new novel, 'Rinascimento', the first in his art history/time traveling series, The Ringling Chronicles.

Join Michela, a brilliant yet quirky young heroine as she races through time to rescue a stranded time traveler, meets the greatest artists of the Renaissance, and assists Brunelleschi with the competition for the commission of the Duomo, one of the greatest architectural marvels of all time.

Book 1 is one heck of a Renaissance ride.

Michela reminds me of one of the great heroines of young adult literature, J.K. Rowling's Hermione. She is smart. She is action oriented. She is wise beyond her young years. She wants to do the right thing and uses her mind to achieve her goals.

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