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I'm a Dallas based author and entreprenuer originally from South Portland, Maine.  


When I began writing my first novel Thanksgiving at the Inn, I had no plans to ever write another, let alone illustrated children's books, a whimsical Pirate ABC book, or even  a non-fiction emploment handbook, but life is a fickle master with its own agenda. 

My latest project is a prime example of this.  The Ringling Chronicles takes many historical events, locations and artists and combines them in what I hope will be a strong kick off for an exciting time travel trilogy. 


I begin every project with the question, "What if?"


In this case, it all began on a spectacular sunny day at the Ringling Estate in beautiful Sarasota, Fl.  Ringling's magnificent Ca' d'Zan Mansion is one of those enchanted places which transports you back in time.  Looking around I kept wondering what it would be like to grow up on the estate and have free reign of the house and museum.  What secrets did the great house hold?


Then the 'What ifs' kicked in:


What if the curator's daughter found pages from John Ringling's diary and learned he was trapped back in time? Would she be smart and brave enough to rescue him?


What if she brings Giorgio Vasair's art history book back with her and it falls into the wrong hands? 

What if she meets her first love but he lives in 1418?


You'll have to read the book to learn more...

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